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    Fashion Butterflies

              For those who seek more than just fashion, my line is an artistic reflection, conveying the transformative power of style. The various collections of Fashion Butterflies are crafted for the spirited individual who cherishes symbolism, celebrates individuality, and embraces the beauty of ageless grace. 

    Fashion Butterflies

          As a professional photographer, I am committed to showcasing that beauty and style are timeless. Unlike other brands that often feature only young models in their advertising, my vision spans generations—from teenagers to those in their 80s. Fashion Butterflies tells a story of grace, resilience, and the allure of embracing one's unique journey. 

    three generations models teenage model over 50 model silver model

           The butterfly, a central motif, symbolizes more than mere beauty. It represents transformation, a reminder that we, too, can evolve into something extraordinary. Just as a caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become a butterfly, each accessory embodies the spirit of personal growth and the embrace of one's unique beauty.

          Fashion Butterflies

    Production Methods

    Every piece is handmade by me. The silk butterflies are printed into a silk fabric, then cut out and adorned with rhinestones. For the velvet, faux leather, sequin and glitter materials I use a die cut press and then glue the two pieces together and add gems whenever needed. 

    Custom Orders

    Average Production Time for Custom Orders: 12 days
    Custom Order Options: I accept custom orders, mostly about the colors of the butterflies or the size of each butterfly.